The goal is to prepare you for those transformational shifts and moments of awakening resulting from Divine Grace. Since we each have different needs and objectives, I consult with you, to discuss how I may best serve and support your spiritual unfoldment and preparation to receive Divine Grace.

I am a spiritual explorer. In my many years of exploration, I have obtained insights into the subtleties of spiritual practices, and how and where to apply them. And I have received special gifts that arose spontaneously as my Journey of Being unfolded. As a result, I have been given or developed quite a few unique methods of spiritual practice to assist others on their Journey of Being. I offer these and traditional methods as a mentor and guide.

The range of what I offer includes spiritual alignment through sympathetic resonance, insight or direct intention, frequency-based attunement, meditation, mantra, pranayama, and other offerings.

Sometimes we fine-tune what you’re already doing. Sometimes we add. Sometimes we subtract. Sometimes we explore and examine concepts and beliefs about the Journey of Being that hold you back. Sometimes we engage various practices to assess your response. Always we work towards bringing you into alignment with your Divine nature.

What I have observed from my many years of spiritual exploration is that the most effective spiritual practices are effortless. And they should invoke authentic surrender to the underlying truth of our Divine nature. Vigilance and control do not foster preparation for Divine Grace, or for the awakening beyond our ordinary mind and intellect.

The natural outcome of proper spiritual practice is growing peace, love, joy and harmony. This can be felt in our sense of well-being and the overall feeling and flow of our lives, which reflect progress on our Journey of Being.

Feel free to contact me if you want to explore this further.

– Joel