Many of us are conditioned to exert self-control or remain vigilant in our dealings with ourselves and the world. We believe if we do this, if we can control ourselves or circumstances enough, then we can tiptoe through the challenges of life, and maybe reduce our pain, suffering or disappointments.

This works to some degree, to help us alter our life circumstances and bring us some degree of stability, moments of happiness and perhaps a sense of accomplishment.  Yet, when it comes to grasping that which we want most in our life — peace, love, and happiness, we may overlook their ultimate source which is at our very core, our very foundation — our true nature — our inherently Divine nature. 

Most of us fail to recognize that the Divine is always present and is our true source of peace, love, joy and contentment.   Discovering even the idea that we may have a Divine nature that is ever-present peace can set us on a new path to bring that Divine nature forward in our lives.

You’ve probably heard that happiness is not found in the accumulation of riches. It’s true. You’ve probably heard that you can’t take your riches with you. That’s also true. So does it make sense to seek your riches without coming to know your Divine source?

But we cannot discover our true Divine nature if we strive to control everything. Waking up to the presence of the Divine is a process of infinite subtlety and profound surrender.  Control and effort just don’t create the right environment.

And if our spiritual path involves difficult and time-consuming practices, or self-imposed disciplines that cut us off from what we enjoy in life, or we just put so much effort into it, we can become fatigued and discouraged, especially when we don’t get out of it what we hope for.

For spiritual growth, the key is not found in effort and control.  Effort and control are futile machinations of the mind. An effortless path is the way.

With a suitable path and useful guidance, we avoid many pitfalls, and can rest assured we have a stable platform for our spiritual unfoldment. And in that process we prepare for Divine Grace to come sweep us into the progressively deeper realization of our true nature. And with that, we find growing peace, love, joy, and contentment.

– Joel

Don’t Try So Hard