Our Divine Journey

Most people think we are a body-mind, and that our mind carries with it our sense of self, what we call “me” or “I,” the person situated in this body-mind. But on our Divine Journey, the Journey of Being through the stages of awakening, we discover we are much more than we thought we were. We find that who we are is multi-dimensional, and that all those layers reside in the delicious living silence of Pure Conscious Being. And then we move further, and we realize even that resides in the body of the Divine, beyond "oneness."

This Journey of Being and awakening is one of greater and greater fulfillment, of greater peace, love and joy -- qualities that are inherent in Being and the Divine.

Perhaps you are well along your journey, or just getting started. I offer mentoring, guidance, and support to help prepare you for the Divine Grace of awakening.

Spiritual Explorer, Mentor, Guide

What I am noticing is I am more in the Present. Grounded in the Present. Not interpreting but just enjoying. Not projecting, either. Just experiencing more Being. With less residue from the past. And am able to let Being shine through me.

I felt Joy and Love surround me. My whole body, mind and soul felt light, happy and very content. It felt as if I went on an extended vacation and came back renewed.

Completely immersed in subtle and divine presence, I could sense, how the power of love addressed “difficult” areas and brought them back into the harmony of being.

Divine loving presence with focused power alters you in balanced, loving powerful ways. The benefits naturally unfold in your life.

The loving attention triggered a fascinating energetic spiritual unfoldment. I felt an opening, subtle reintegration and then energy moving through me on a very refined level as a result. And what this has unfolded for me has been beyond what I could imagine. For people, especially those on a spiritual path, who feel stuck in their progress, I am convinced that the guidance and support Joel offers would be of great help to them.

Something powerful. Peaceful and relaxing like a meditation. I was scared when buried, painful memories started up, but they passed out of me like clouds and a loving presence seemed to be telling me it was alright. Instead of hurting, they were soft, faint memories. I felt cleansed. I will know in time more about how this helped me, but so far since my meditations have been quieter and better.